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Garmin Edge 305 w/Heart-Rate Monitor

Garmin Edge 305 w/Heart-Rate Monitor
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Take your riding to the next level with Garmin's Edge 305 with Heart-Rate Monitor. It straps to your stem for easy viewing, and you'll never get lost again with its easy-to-use Global Positioning System (GPS) keeping you on course, while the heart-rate monitor allows you to make the most of every workout. Plus, this waterproof wonder tracks how far you've gone and lets you race against a prerecorded course to gauge your training progress. Also, the included Garmin Training Center software allows you to create workouts, download courses, keep detailed records of your rides, and much more. And, the Edge 305 boasts a customizable display and a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that runs for up to 12 hours per charge.

Average Speed
Max Speed
Heart Rate
Calories Burned
Records 1000 laps
Auto Pause
Auto Lap
Marks up to 100 locations