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Fitting Services

Get Fit Bike Fitting

What is a Bike Fit?

Bike Fitting is a suite of tools and techniques for ensuring proper frame size and component selection.This insures each individual rider's power, comfort, control and enjoyment during each ride. 

It's about bio-mechanics, individual male and female biology, material science, geometry, and care.  Here at The Bicycle Outfitter, we analyze your current riding goals, current bike and fit, injury history, unusual body symmetry and current discomfort on the bike if any.

This process takes time, focus, and years of riding and racing experience to see each individual's fit. It works because of the dedication and expertise of our personnel, motivated by the satisfaction of improving the cycling experience of countless customers, friends, and athletes.

The Bicycle Outfitter Fit Policy

Here at the Bicycle Outfitter, we offer a free fit with every bike that we sell.  

If you didn't get your bicycle from us, you can still benefit from the personal attention of a professional fit.  Our basic fit is only $200.00 and worth it's weight in gold. Schedule yours today by calling 650-948-8092.