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Polar S-625X

Polar S-625X
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If you want to reach the heights of your training, Polar's S625X is all the motivation you’ll need. This advanced computer and versatile cross training tool combines accurate speed and distance measurement with Polar’s leading heart rate expertise to help maximize your training. This mighty computer synchronizes with Polar's ProTrainer 5 Software for logging training, analysis and creating individual training settings. Plus, the highly sensitive barometric altitude sensor shows your elevation profiles. And, no matter what sport you're training for you'll appreciate how the vast array of upload and download options make it easy to analyze your fitness and keep your training program on track.

-Wireless ECG-accurate heart rate
-Altitude with graphical trend (via software)
-Cumulative ascent and descent (via software)
-Heart rate (displayed as bpm)
-Heart rate (displayed as % of maximum heart rate)
-Automatic/Manual target zone (% / bpm / HRR%)
-HeartTouch button-free operation of wrist unit
-Visual and audible alarm in target zones (only visual in bike mode)
-Total distance
-Automatic lap recording (99 laps)
-Average heart rate (of total exercise and of each lap)
-Maximum heart rate (of total exercise and of each lap)
-Exercise date
-UpLink: settings upload from Polar web site (requires PC w/sound card and headphones/loudspeakers)
-SonicLink: exercise data download from wrist unit to Polar web site (requires PC w/sound card and microphone)
-Exercise set (extended exercise profiles) - (5)
-Three heart-rate based target zones with visual alarm
-Three heart-rate based target zones with audible alarm (not in bike mode)
-Max heart rate (Polar Fitness test-based and age-based)
-Interval timers
-Polar Fitness Test with OwnIndex
-Polar OwnCal: tracks calories burned
-Polar OwnCode: personal transmission feature
-Polar OwnOptimizer: personal training status
-Recovery measurement (heart rate over time)
-Aerobic/anaerobic threshold summary
-Calorie expenditure of total exercise
-Exercise file info page with date and time
-Lap information
-Exercise files with summaries (99 files)
-Water resistant (to 30m)
-Target zone limits
-Time in target zone
-Run distance
-Running route elevation profile
-Speed (pace or kmph/mph)
-Speed/pace and total distance
-Target pace (with alarm)
-Time- and distance-based interval timer
-Total mileage, kilocalories, time training
-Time of day (12/24h) with alarm
-Date and weekday indicator
-Low battery indicator
-Dual time zone
-Exercise reminder (visual/alarm)
-Compatible with Polar Precision Performance software

Optional cycling features (Polar Power Output Sensor, wireless cadence sensor and wireless speed sensor sold separately)
-Total distance
-Distance-based interval
-Distance-based recobery measurement
-Speed (curren, average, and max)
-Wheel size settings for two bicycles