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Machines for Freedom All Weather Vest
Our first weather-resistant vest in a new softer, stretchier fabric. When spring begins to peek out behind winter clouds and coax blooms out of hiding, it’s only natural to want to run out and greet it. But spring isn’t always sunshine, and you may need a little help in getting out there during those first few months. Introducing The All Weather Vest, our first vest to feature water-resistant fabric in a velvety-soft finish that’s even stretchier, allowing for a better fit. (Sound familiar? It’s the same fabric as our Daybreak Wind Jacket!) Other updates include reflective trim to keep you safe and a new colorway that calls to mind golden sunshine and spring day smiles. Just like the Galaxie Vest this piece features two extra large pockets, making it more than just a shell. It’s a true do-it-all piece, from protecting against unexpected showers to providing extra storage on unsupported century rides. Features - This all new vest is made from the same fabric as our Daybreak Wind Jacket for a softer feel that adds protection from light rain. - 4-way stretch for your a flattering fit that won’t balloon in the wind. - Wind proof and water resistant. - High collar protects your neck from windchill. - 2 extra large back pockets for stowing larger items and extra layers. - Ultra-light and packable. - Brand new colorway with new reflective trim offers visibility without overwhelming the eye. - Top quality, self-locking, zippers for easy hands-free zipping.
Machines for Freedom Daybreak Wind Jacket
Because nothing should keep you from morning rides. The alarm goes off at 5 am and you think, this ride will be worth it. But just the thought of that nippy pre-dawn wind is enough to turn off the alarm and crawl back into your cocoon. The Daybreak Wind Jacket is your defense against the snooze button. Wind-proof and water-resistant, this piece is essential for rides with changing temperatures. The Daybreak Wind Jacket features a zippered pocket for easily accessible necessities and rolls up small enough for a jersey pocket when the sun finally emerges. Machines' signature coral gets a subtle twist with a painted watercolor effect that hides dirt and won't overwhelm the pattern of our jerseys. The fitted silhouette lives up to the superior tailoring that makes Machines gear different. Plus, the flattering fit makes this jacket perfect for evening rides to dinner and off-the-bike hangs. We've even thrown this over jeans and a tee for coffee. Features - Premium European fabric to protect your core from wind chill and light moisture. - Extra long sleeves and high collar means your wrists and neck will never be exposed. - Ultra light and packable. - 1 large zipper pocket for necessities. - Top quality self-locking zippers - Flattering fit that won't balloon in the wind.
Machines for Freedom Galaxie Wind Vest
The Galaxie Wind Vest is ultra sleek and made for versatility. The gloss black, super light fabric is fully wind resistant and water repellent, but light enough to pack easily into a jersey pocket. It features extra-deep rear pockets perfect for stowing jackets and other large items, making it an key layering piece for longer rides with varying temperatures. Since it’s Machines For Freedom, you know our vest features the same killer fit as our jerseys and just a hint of stardust on the shoulders transforms this classic necessity into a key, stylish piece of kit. You might even long for chilly mornings so you’ll have an excuse to work it into your rotation. Features - Premium European fabric to protect your core from wind chill. - High collar extends protection to your neck. - Ultra light and packable. - 2 extra large back pockets for stowing larger items and extra layers. - Top quality self-locking zippers - 2-way stretch for your best fit ever.
Machines for Freedom Twilight Wind Jacket
Our coziest jacket yet. The newest jacket from Machines, redesigned for cozy comfort and reflective for staying safe. The Twilight Jacket features new, ribbed cuffs and collar lining in a soft knit for staying cozy where it matters most. (And if you're most excited about a softer place to wipe your nose, we're totally with you). Plus, new reflective details to stay visible when riding during dawn and dusk. In our favorite fabric (you know it from the Daybreak Jacket and All Weather Vest), this piece features 4-Way stretch, which basically means it stretches in every direction, for every curve. Our favorite part is the texture: it's velvety and matte, never clammy or sticky, even when you're sweating. Try it off the bike too. Perfect for evening trail runs, coffee hangs, quick commutes and those crazy days that involve all three. Features - Premium European fabric is wind-proof and water resistant, without that plastic-y, clammy feeling. - New knit cuffs and collar lining for improved levels of coziness. - 4-Way stretch for a fantastic fit that won't balloon in the wind. - Ultra light and packable. - Top quality self-locking zippers - Reflective details on the shoulders and cuffs for visibility.
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